July 26, 2021



Gorgeous Pictures Of Kalybos And “Ahoufe” Revealed

The ultimate wedding between Richard Kweku Asante and Priscilla Opoku Agyemang becomes a surprise to many Ghanaians who never believed that these two celebrities have true love despite their comedy series.

Richard Kweku Asante is popularly known to be “kalyboss” and Priscilla Opoku Agyemang also knows by many Ghanaians as “Ahuofe Patri”.

Although these couples alert their fans a day before their wedding most Ghanaians take it as a normal satire.

From the look of the videos they shared on their social platforms, both couples look gorgeous in their dresses.

These impromptu marriages still sound different in Ghanaians ears. Some believe it just an act whiles others also believe it to be a real wedding.

Well, newsimfom.com has got an official picture regards to their ceremony. Take a look at it below;

How can you rate these wonderful and amazing weddings?