September 26, 2021



Hot News: Moesha’s Current Health Conditions Drop On The Internet

Ghanaian social media influencer, Aylsham Modi has disclose the health status of Moesha Boduong, who recently pass through many issues.

According to Ayisha, Moesha sees to be very well now with no bad reputation. She posted this on her Instagram page after visiting Moesha. She continue to advise Moesha Boduong that she should now take very good care of her friends because some will try to send her back to previous lifestyle.

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Also, she made Moesha to be aware that, all what she passed through was a lesson to her so henceforth, she should life a great life.

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Without ending it, Ayisha Modi thank all those who shoe gratitude to Moesha’s situation that they have won the battle. All her friends who mocked on her now will show respect to her.