July 26, 2021



Sad Video: A Woman And 1-year Child Get Killed In Wenchi

A 31- year woman with her 1-year old son reportedly trapped and killed by a collapsed building in Akrobi old town, which is located in the municipalities of Bono Region.

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With the report, the woman with her some met their death through a collapsed building on Monday, 12th after Kwabena Badara Fiagra (the husband of the deceased woman) had moved out for foodstuff.

Once all blame started to be on Mr Fiagra for letting his family living in that old structure, he said that they have already planned to move to a new house.

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National Disaster Management Organisation coordinator for Akrobi Zone Mr Abudu Mohammed explains that they have warned all landlords to demolish such apartments but some refuse to obey.

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Watch video below