September 26, 2021



Stunning All White Pictures Of Rev Obofuo Wife Birthday Party Pop Up. Watch Video

Hello guys, as we all know, everyday there are some news which will be trending on our social media sites, this may be videos and sometimes opinions. Well, today’s news on is absolutely amazing to hear. Let get in!


It all about our Rev Obofuo, the leader of Anoited Palace Church and his wife. These two people shows there invited guests that, they truly the host their 34th birthday party in plush mansion.

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Wow, I know you’re think about a question, who was being celebrated that night? Adorable Rev Obofuo wife called Bofowaa was the one whom in her case all the party started.

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When they were reaching the party from their mission, Rev Obofuo was wearing nice white top and down with a nice walking stick in his hand whiles his Adorable wife also wearing white and same as their son. In fact all white.

Check out the video below;

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